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  1. Hunting Town Design

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    Hunting Town Design

    A Manchester based Design House where people Print, Doodle, Brand, Code & drink Tea.

    Hunting Town is a small friendly design house based in Manchester that was set up in 2010 by yours truly. Since then Hunting Town has expanded into a fully fledged design house offering graphic design for web and print media, as well as illustration and branding services.

  2. The Design Range

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    The Design Range

    Helping creatives improve their business and increase their income from doing what they love.

    The Design Range is a place for me to talk about all the things I’ve learnt since moving into the graphic design industry and hopefully provide some helpful advice to anyone else walking the same path.

  3. Alex Doodles Daily

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    Alex Doodles Daily

    An exercise in frequenting the union between Pencil and Paper.

    Alex Doodles Daily is my attempt at drawing just for myself a bit more. Originally the idea was to sketch every day, which ended up being a little optimistic, but it’s still a place for me to doodle away to my hearts content whenever I get a free moment.

  4. I’m Going on an Adventure

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    I’m Going on an Adventure

    A Place for me to Chat about all the Awesome Adventures I get upto when I’m not Designing

    I’m Going on an Adventure is a travel blog about the adventures I get upto with my friends around the world. It’s also where I geek out about the kit I take with me and reveal any cool tips or tricks I might have discovered.

  5. 2/1st Hurst Scout Group

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    2/1st Hurst Scout Group

    It’s About Loving & Enjoying the Great Adventures & Helping Others to do the Same

    2/1st Hurst is the Scout Group that I volunteer at as a leader for both Scouts and Explorer Scouts. I really love the outdoors and working with kids is always a lot a fun, so the Scouts is something I put a lot of effort into.