Learn Illustration

business advice for freelance illustrators

  1. What to Draw for Practice

    Do you still have your bowl of fruit? That bowl of fruit that every bloody artist that has ever lived has had to draw? I have mine somewhere, tucked away inside a plastic wallet labelled ‘Secondary School Stuff’. God that was a boring day. Perhaps not as boring as the day I had to imitate […]

  2. Daydreaming of Ladders

    I’ve been thinking a bit about what it must be like not being freelance… and not in the usual way. Usually I thank my lucky stars that I only have myself to answer to, that I’m totally responsible for my own successes (and failures!) and that every day I get to do something I love, […]

  3. Working from a Backpack

    Aside from design one of my big loves is the outdoors. Don’t get me wrong now, I love my home comforts, but I find something remarkably appealing in being able to live out of a backpack. The notion that everything you need, your home, your food, your clothes, everything can be just packed up and popped […]

  4. The Unrealised Effort

    When I first moved into my current office a while back I remember having a very awkward chat. The owner of the building began talking to me quite randomly about all the renovations he had done since taking over the property. He spoke about things like putting in new lights, plastering the roof and painting […]


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