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So here’s my attempt at a brief glimpse into who I am and what I do before you get bored and go watch cats on YouTube. I’m an illustrator and designer born in the UK. I grew up drawing Sonic the Hedgehog pretty much constantly and ended up getting pretty good at it. Somewhere along the line however my obsession for Sonic was replaced with Indiana Jones and I graduated with a degree in history from the University of Manchester in 2007.

Whilst at University I had the privilege of working as an artist on the most widely distributed student newspaper in England; the Student Direct. My efforts were noticed and soon after graduating I put that history degree to good use and took a job as cover artist and subsequently Art Director on a national music magazine. As amazing as my job then was, I quickly found myself replacing photographs with my own hand drawn artworks in an attempt to spend more of my time doodling. It had become apparent that perhaps a more ‘pencil heavy’ career switch was in need.

In 2010 I took the premature plunge of setting myself up as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator under the studio name Hunting Town. Luckily, despite my uncharacteristic lack of preparation I managed to gather a roster of wonderful clients, some of whom I still have the pleasure of working with today. Over the last few years Hunting Town has grown into a fully fledged design house with clients the world over and now also offers branding services, web designs and UI development.

Recently I founded The Design Range as a blogging platform for designers and creatives to learn about and share their knowledge of the design industry and the tasks involved with working as a designer today. The Design Range is my attempt to pay back the good fortune I’ve had in being able in work in a career that I love by helping others along the same path.

You can hire me directly for your illustration project by dropping me a quick email

If your project is more large scale and involves multiple media disciplines such as web design, branding and animation, you can head over to Hunting Town Design to see the services we offer.

I am currently looking for personal representation for my illustration works in the form of an agent or agency. If you’re interested in representing me and my work feel free to get in touch

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